An impression of our short film

Published on 2 September 2018 at 18:32

Here is a little more information about our short film project ...

When I finished my last painting, the project came out with the chance to meet a director (the painting will be published along with the film). Due to the content and meaning of the painting, we believe that a more interactive method of publishing the painting would be more effective.

No, I am not an actor, but I "act" as an artist in the film (?). I really do not have to be an actor for that...


"When the artist leaves his castle, something suddenly happens ...

Something unpredictable, something mysterious, something dangerous ... "


The scenario was written inspired from my painting. Another story in a story, another world in a world!

Here are some images from the movie.

We would like to meet you soon when we share the completed work ...


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