"The past can only inspire us"

The young, dynamic artist Emry Demirci (1989) was born in Genk (Belgium). As a self-taught man, he perfected himself in painting. His portraits are realistic, almost photographic approaches to persons from the past and present with which he feels connected because of their contribution to art and history.. (read more) 

A conversation with Emry Demirci during the pandemic

I hear the voice of my oldest brother in my head. "Hey, artist!" As a six-year-old child I was called by him as an “artist”. He could clearly predict the future.. (read more)

"Art is a lifestyle for me"

Karolien Stevens had a conversation with Emry Demirci. During a personal conversation he enthusiastically shares how his work came about and the deeper meaning behind the figurative composition.. (read more)

A frank conversation with Artist Emry Demirci about his controversial work.

Emry Demirci is in front of my door at eleven o'clock in the morning. In his hands he carries a large painting, wrapped with bubble plastic, protected from rain and wind. I see red and blue. Two colors that are diametrically opposite each other in the color circle. The plastic goes off in the photo studio. Emry stands next to his work. Determined. Nothing to hide. What follows is a frank conversation about Islam, beauty and self-censorship.. (read more)