"To paint ... Is it just a brush, a canvas and some paint?

That's possible. It can also be different.

Daring to ask questions, develop yourself, develop your insights, observe,... Perceive in all meanings, with your eye or with your soul.

A touch, or sometimes more, mystery. Like day-to-day life.

Mystery is always in our vicinity.

How correctly can we perceive things?

Which observation is correct?

Can everyone observe the same thing?

Does "perceiving" depend on certain factors?




History ... Humanity ... Consciousness ... Religion ... Personality ...

A human searches his whole life for the right perception. Consciously? Unconsciously? And his perception changes day after day. Consciously or unconsciously?

Do we think like a year ago? A month ago? One day ago?

Thinking patterns ... Change ... Evolution ... Development ... Self-awareness ...

Images ... Every day ... Hundreds ... Thousands ... Faces ...

Is a portrait only a "portrait"?

Does it say something about someone?

About something?

About you?

Or about me?

Maybe it says something about "nothing"?

Maybe it says something about a life?

Maybe it says something about an event?

Maybe it says something about ...

Ask questions.

Keep asking questions.

And finally,... find an answer.

Is there an answer to everything?

This text fits better in a personal development blog or something, I don’t know.

But this text definitely says something ABOUT ME."