Emry Demirci was born and raised in Belgium. His studio is located in the Flemish region of Belgium in the multicultural city, Genk.

He graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Heusden-Zolder (Meylandt Castle) under the supervision of artist Herman Maes, where he studied Painting and Art History. 

He is best known for his realistic portraits and for his symbolic works with multiple layered meanings.

Especially his work The Pawn (2018) brought its succes. It has a very layered, controversial, symbolic and deep meaning. It has appeared in various magazines, newspapers and online magazines.

The Pawn sparked discussions and disagreements in the Muslim community.

Emry gets his inspiration from humans and his contradictions. Even as a child he drew many portraits. The interest is probably due to his upbringing humanistic lifestyle. Diversity is very present in his works: from naked to veiled, from purity to tattooed.